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Date of the latest update: 1th November 2016


  1. Regulations - this very regulations describing conditions of service of regular transporting people by buses, internationally Poland-Ukraine,
  2. Carrier - carrier pointed out on the Ticket:
    1. FanLogic Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością, Spółka komandytowa , wit ots headquarters in Wałbrzych, address ul.Wrocławska 16, 58-309 Wałbrzych, KRS: 0000754530, NIP: 8862845685, REGON: 020431010 or
    2. private company „Piszczanskie ATP 10540” with its headquarters in Piszczanka, address ul. Szewczenka 57, 24700 Piszczanka, Ukraina, number in Only National Legal Person's Register (ЄДРПОУ): 05460887, tax identification number (VAT): 05460887 or
    3. sub-contractor pointed out on the ticket.
  3. Passenger - a person using the services of the Carrier on the basis of valid ticket
  4. Ticket - a personal document entitling the holder to use transport services provided by the Carrier, on the given route, at the scheduled time and for a specified price.
  5. Agents - an entity selling tickets in favour of Carrier through the agency of websites and on specified bus stations in Poland and Ukraine.


  1. Entering into an agreement is done by buying the Ticket before starting the journey.
  2. Before buying the Ticket Passenger is obliged to acquaint oneself with Regulations. Buying of Ticket means accepting the Regulations.


  1. Tickets can be bought by means of Carrier's website and from Agents.
  2. Ticket is a single fare ticket, personal and cannot be given/sold another person.
  3. Sale, return or change of Tickets by the means of Carrier's website is done electronically according to the Regulations of provision of services stated on the website Rules of sale, return and change of Tickets at bus driver are regulated in this Regulations. Rules of sale, return and change of Tickets from Agents are regulated by their Regulations and conditions.
  4. Change of Ticket can be done based on the principles specified in point 3 above also by means of hotline, 24 hours before planned departure. Hotline number in Poland: +48665225511, hotline number in the Ukraine: +380665225511. There is no option to change Ticket at bus driver.
  5. Carriers offers one way Tickets and "to and from" Tickets,
  6. Ticket is sold without specifying concrete seat in the bus. Seat in the bus is assigned by bus service.
  7. Passenger has an opportunity to change the route or date of departure given on the Ticket. For that change the Carrier charges 20,00PLN/......UAH gross. In case, when the changed route is shorter, the Carrier does not charge for it but also does not return the difference for ticket.
  8. In case of resignation of the journey by Passenger (withdrawal from contract), the Carrier gives back the amount for unused Ticket after deduction of part of the amount (payment for renunciation), which is:
    1. in case of cancelation until 7 days before planned departure - 15%
    2. in case of cancelation within 7 - 3 days before planned departure - 30%
    3. in case of cancelation 3 days or less before planned departure - 50%
    4. in case of cancelation 24 hours before planned departure and after the departure of the bus - 100%
  9. Basis of change/return Ticket is presenting valid Ticket and Passenger's application . Return of the amount due to unused Ticket bought at bus driver will be done by the Carrier.
  10. In case of lost or damage of Ticket causing not to be able to read the data from it, the Ticket is invalid. In such case Passenger has no right to have the amount for the bought Ticket returned. The Carrier does not issue a duplicate of the Ticket.
  11. The Carrier offers following discounts for Tickets:
    1. for children up to the age of 5 - 50%
    2. for children at the age 5 - 12 -10%
    3. for students up to the age of 26 - 10%
    4. buying Tickets for group of min. 6 members - 10%
  12. Condition to receive a discount is showing the document confirming the right to discount during buying the Ticket and during the control in the bus. In case of non-having the document needed, the Passenger will be obliged to pay an additional charge to full price of the Ticket, valid at date of paying additional charge.
  13. The Carrier offers sale of Tickets in promotional prices. If the Passenger bought the Ticket in promotional price and is going to change his Ticket, the change will be done in view of Ticket price effective at date of change, when the price is higher. In such case, the Passenger is obliged to pay an additional charge. If, at date of change, the price is lower, the Passenger is not entitled to receive the difference in price.
  14. During the journey the Passenger is obliged to keep the Ticket for control. In case of having an invalid Ticket, the Passenger will be obliged under penalty of leaving the bus to buy the Ticket for his destination and he will be obliged to pay an additional amount of 100 PLN/.....UAH gross.


  1. The Passenger has the right to take maximum 2 pieces of luggage for free:
    1. one piece of luggage up to 30 kg and dimensions 60/10/40 cm, transported in the hod of baggage ( hereinafter called "registered luggage");
    2. one piece of small luggage to be put under the seat or on the shelf above the Passenger's seat (hereinafter called "hand luggage");
    3. additionally, it is allowed to transport such equipment as: pram, skis, bicycles, snowboards, etc. under the condition that it will be packed properly and depending on available space in the hod of baggage. For transporting such equipment, there is an amount of..../PLN/.....UAH to be paid. The Carrier has the right to refuse to transport such equipment if there is no space in the hod of baggage or if its transporting may pose a threat of travellers or their luggage.
  2. Additional luggage can be transported when possible for an additional charge of.....PLN/.....UAH. In case when registered luggage is heavier than accepted, the Passenger is obliged to pay additional charge of 4 PLN/30 UAH for each additional kilogram.
  3. Each and every piece of registered luggage placed in the hod of baggage is signed by excise seal. Excise seal is issued by bus crew during check in together with luggage receipt.
  4. Disabled Passengers has the right for free transportation of their wheelchair or another essential equipment.
  5. The Carrier reserves the right to refuse to take the luggage when it does not meet requirements specified in the Regulations.
  6. A member of bus crew gives out the luggage to the person stated on luggage receipt or on the basis of another proof verifying that given luggage belongs to the Passenger, in case of losing the luggage receipt during the journey.
  7. Money, securities and precious objects, especially valuables, objects with scientific or art value, the same as electronic equipment can be transported only inside the bus as hand luggage under supervision of Passenger. The Carrier does not take money, securities or any other precious objects, also electronic equipment for safekeeping and does not take responsibility for its lost or damage during the journey.
  8. It is forbidden to transport dangerous things that may cause any damage to other people or possessions, things which transportation is not allowed, corpse and remains of people. In case of justified suspicion, the bus driver can check whether luggage does not break the excluding. The driver will check the luggage in the presence of Passenger or if it's not possible in the presence of other Passengers. In case of disclosing such breaking, the cost for transporting such things cover the Passenger owning that luggage. The Passenger is the only person taking responsibility for things transported as luggage and for effects and cost connected to the transporting of not allowed luggage.
  9. In case of complaint regarding damaged luggage, it is necessary to present the damaged luggage in order to make visual inspection at Carrier's head office, and to have signed official report from bus driver made during the accident or to have a declaration justifying non-possibility of making such report.
  10. The Carrier does not take responsibility for things left in the bus after the journey. In case of non-taking the luggage after the journey, there will be applied provisions of things found.
  11. The Carrier does not take any responsibility for hand luggage transported under the supervision of Passenger.
  12. It is not allowed to transport animals and plants.


  1. Persons under the age of 12 can travel by Carrier's buses only under the care of an adult.
  2. Persons at the age between 12 and 15 can travel by Carrier's buses alone, if they have written permission from parents or legal guardian to travel, prepared in line with an example from the website and signed by parents or legal guardian in the presence of bus crew during the check-in related to the journey start of the Passenger.
  3. Underage at the age of 15 and more can travel by Carrier's buses alone.
  4. The Carrier does not take care of underage, also of those travelling alone. Parents or legal guardians are totally liable for any action of underage.
  5. In case of arising of any additional costs for Carrier because of transporting underage, the Carrier will recover costs from parents or legal guardian of underage.
  6. In case when the regulations of any country of the transit route state that underage has to travel in safety seat, the Passenger is obliged to have such safety seat on his own.


  1. The Passenger is obliged to be at the bus stop minimum 30 minutes before planned bus departure.
  2. The Passenger when getting on the bus is obliged to show valid Ticket for given route and documents necessary for crossing borders. The Passenger is totally responsible for having the documents invalid. In case of detaining the Passenger on the border, the Passenger will not receive money for the unused Ticket. If, in case of such detaining, the Carrier will have to charge any additional costs, the Passenger is obliged pay those costs. In case of detaining the Passenger on the border, the Carrier can wait no longer than 30 minutes. After this time, the Carrier has the right to leave the Passenger and his luggage on the border.
  3. The Passenger is obliged to observe customs and foreign exchange regulations stated for every transit country.
  4. Disabled Passengers shall inform the Carrier about special requirements arising from their disability, especially regarding getting on the bus, change, leaving the bus, seat or transported rehabilitation or orthopaedic equipment or any other means of help.
  5. Passengers are kindly asked for subordinate bus crew regulations arising from the duty of safe transit and taking care of Passengers' Carrier's possessions.
  6. The Passenger is responsible for damages caused by him during the journey.
  7. The Passenger is responsible for damages caused by his loading activities.
  8. In the bus it is strictly forbidden to smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol and take drugs.


  1. The Carrier is obliged to:
    1. carry out the transit of the Passenger and luggage on the route specified on the Ticket,
    2. ensure the Passenger appropriate safety conditions, hygiene, convenience and proper service during the journey.
  2. The Carrier can entrust the transit to other subcontractors.
  3. The Carrier has the right to stop or cancel the further transit in case when the Passenger:
    1. does not follow the Regulations
    2. behaves in a way that might have negative influence on safety or convenience of the journey of other Passengers, especially the Carrier cannot allow for further journey of the Passenger who because of his behaviour disturbs public order, behaves aggressive or abusively.
    3. does not have or refuses to present needed for travelling documents, including the fact that he does not have documents needed for border crossing or when does not follow the appropriate clearance regulations or when he was not entering the country legally
  4. The Carrier has the right to change the timetable, transit route and he does not take the responsibility for delay in case of force majeure and situations non-depending on Carrier, such as: weather conditions, accidents and road difficulties, detours, unpredictable road works, riots, strikes, warfare, breakdown of the bus etc.
  5. The Carrier does not take the responsibility for impossibility of carrying out the transit because of the causes stated in the point 4 above, and also has the right not to carry out the transit because of other causes. In such case the Carrier gives the Passenger the whole amount paid for the Ticket.
  6. The Carrier informs that in order to keep safety journey the bus is equipped in monitoring.


  1. Each and every complaint arising from carrying out of the transportation agreement shall be made written and referred to the Carrier (as registered letter) on the address of the Carrier or per e-mail: [email protected] or [email protected], within 14 days from the date of circumstances being the subject of the complaint.
  2. A person entitled to make a complaint is the Passenger or his legal guardian, legal successor or representative. Complaints made by third party will not be considered.
  3. A complaint shall include:
    1. date of making a complaint;
    2. name and surname and address of Carrier's head office;
    3. name and surname and address of person making a complaint;
    4. title and explanation of the complaint;
    5. amount of claim (separately for each transport document);
    6. list of attached documents;
    7. signature of person entitled to make a complaint.
  4. To the complaint there shall be attached originals of documents regarding the concluding of transportation agreement( especially Ticket, luggage receipt, documents confirming taking things to be transported other than parcel) and confirmed copies of other documents connected with type and amount of the claim, including these certifying the permissions to free or reduced transits.
  5. By making the complaint it is necessary to describe circumstances that arose, reservations, types of damages and determine the way of compensation. IT is also necessary to attach the Ticket or its copy and in case of luggage complaint, written confirmation of its damage or loss signed by bus driver.
  6. The Carrier will consider the complaint within 30 days after its receiving. In justified cases that term might be extended up to 3 months, informing at the same time the Passenger about causes of the term of extending the complaint. Such announcement shall be made before 30 days from receiving the complaint by the Carrier.
  7. If the complaint made, does not meet the requirements described in points 3-4, the Carrier asks a person making the complaint for cancelling the lacks within 14 days from receiving the summons, with admonition that non-fulfilling of lacks in the term given will cause the complaint not to be considered.


  1. In cases not regulated in the Regulations there apply:
    1. by transportation carried out by FanLogic Sp.z o.o. Sp.k.  with its headquarter in Wałbrzych, Wrocławska 16, 58-306 Wałbrzych, Poland, KRS: 0000754530, NIP: 8862845685, REGON: 020431010, generally applicable rules of the Polish Low;
    2. by transportation carried out by private company „Piszczanskie ATP 10540” with its headquarters in Piszczanka, address ul. Szewczenka 57, 24700 Piszczanka, Ukraina, number in Only National Legal Person's Register (ЄДРПОУ): 05460887, tax identification number (VAT): 05460887, generally applicable rules of Ukrainian Low;
    3. by transportation carried out by subcontractor stated on the Ticket - generally applicable rules of the country where the subcontractor has his headquarter.
  2. In case of arising any disputes regarding the carrying out the transportation agreement, there will be competent court to consider that matter according to the headquarter of the Carrier.
  3. Changes of this Regulations come into force on the day of publishing changed Regulations on the website
  4. This Regulations come into force on 01.11.2016.

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