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News:  Czernihow – Poznan line has launched

‘Naszbus’ is the leader of European international passenger transport. During the entire year our coaches will be leaving from Kiev - Ukrainian capitol city – to Polish city Walbrzych travelling through Zytomierz, Rowno, Lwow, Cracow, Katowice, Wroclaw, Swidnica and back.

December 15th of 2017 is a special day for our company. As we had announced earlier, we have just launched a new international line connecting Ukraine and Poland.

From now on, our buses will be transporting passengers not only to Kiev, but also Zytomierz, Rowne, Luck, Lodz, all the way to Warsaw, the capitol city of Poland.

’ Naszbus’ developed this brand new route to upgrade the quality and comfort levels of travelling from Ukraine to Poland. We proudly acknowledge the fact that our company recieves huge amount of trust in the experience we’ve gained through years, and that motivates us to keep perfectioning and developing better standards of our work and offers – we wish to maintain them on European levels. In the end, ‘Naszbus’ ensures the highest comfort of travel!

Дата додавання : 2017-12-23
додав: Nashbus

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