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News:  "Nashbus"

‘Naszbus’ is the leading brand of European international passenger transport.

For over a year our company has been operating on the Ukrainian market as well as Polish. Due to our services it is possible to travel from Poland to Ukraine and back every day of the year.
‘Naszbus’ started operating in Ukraine on December 1st 2016. On that day our coach made its first trip from Kiev to Walbrzych. Our standards are maintained by a solid team, which is dispositional round-the-clock.
Our fleet consists of modern and comfortable coaches, containing from fifty to eighty seats. Our vehicles make the journey the most comfortable experience possible. Apart from two drivers, there is a hostess working on-deck, who can sweeten the trip with guaranteed coffee, tea and cold beverages. On deck there are the essential amenities to make sure the passengers’ needs are furfilled – toilet, Wi-Fi connection, air-conditioner and power plugs.
The most important aspect for our company, aside from comfort, is the safety of our passengers. Every seat is equipped with safety belt, which makes the trip safer and calmer. Presence of such belts is a necessity required from every transporter in Europe.
An aspect equally important for us is the technical condition of our coaches, which is being checked by our qualified mechanics before every departure. Servicing takes place after the coach returns as well.
‘Naszbus’ is a brand highly valuable by its customers both from Ukraine and Poland.
On its way from Kiev to Walbrzych our coach passes by Zytomierz, Rowne, Lvov, Cracow, Katowice, Wroclaw and Swidnica. ‘Naszbus’ leaves Kiev departing from the central bus station and passes by the central train station, but more importantly you can get to Walbrzych without any delays or transfers. We ensure the highest class of comfort for our customers.
The tickets can be reserved not only by phone, but also online. Booking takes only a couple of minutes and it can be done cashless, at affordable prices.

Дата додавання : 2017-10-31
додав: Nashbus

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